Berry Cocoa Smoothie


Combining berry and cocoa, the whole drink is not only beautiful but also rich in flavor. You can even taste cranberry while enjoying the drink.

The wonderful taste makes you feel like lying comfortably on the turf while enjoying leisurely afternoon.


Cocoa Smoothie:
Sparlar Rich Cocoa Powder   30g
Ammerländer milk   60g
Ice cube   130ml
Fructose   25ml
Cream   5g

Berry Tea Flavored Syrup:
Berry tea   20g
Hot water   10ml
Sparlar White Peach Flavored Syrup   15g

Berry Cocoa Smoothie:
Cocoa smoothie   90g
Berry Tea Flavored Syrup   10g
Whipped cream   appropriate amount
Dried cranberry   0.5g


Cocoa Smoothie:
1. Mix all the ingredients in the cocoa smoothie with a smoothie machine to make a cocoa smoothie

Berry Tea Flavored Syrup:
1. Stir all the ingredients in the Berry Tea Flavored Syrup evenly

Berry Cocoa Smoothie:
1. Pour the cocoa smoothie into a cup, add some berry tea flavored syrup and stir slightly to make a two-color smoothie
2. Squeeze whipped cream and sprinkle some dried cranberry. Done! Enjoy it!

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