About Gemfont

    Established in 1957

    Gemfont has been an integral part of Taiwan’s foodservice landscape. A market leader with over 60 years of knowledge, capability and technical know-how, Gemfont is the industry’s pioneer in food science and innovation, and has since become one of the island’s largest and most dependable food ingredients and additives manufacturer.

    Established in 1957
    Gemfont Key Facts

    Gemfont Key Facts

    • Leading food ingredients and additives supplier
    • First private sector laboratory to be accredited by Taiwan Food & Drug Administration (TFDA)
    • Long term partnership with over 100 suppliers in Taiwan and around the world
    • More than 5,000 customers, achieving 99% market penetration and coverage in Taiwan
    • Best strategic partner for Taiwan foodservice industry with more than 1,500 different products
    • No.1 in market share and approved supplier of choice by international food companies

    We take pride in being the most trusted partner in food business for our customers!

    Sourcing from world-class supplying partners in Europe, North America and Japan, Gemfont strives to provide products made with highest quality of ingredients. With a strong focus in quality, food safety and value-add, Gemfont excels in product innovation and recipe ideation to deliver full range of food solutions, while our stringent QA processes ensure everything adhere to the highest level of standards.

    We take pride in being the most trusted partner in food business for our customers!


    Culinary Indulgence at Sparlar

    Sparlar was founded by Gemfont Group in 2011.

    The brand, Sparlar, suggests “Skilled Gourmet Cook” in Chinese. It plays a vital role as the best strategic partner in supporting the modern food service industry.

    The brand was created by our professional food service R&D team to combine the newest gourmet concepts with premium quality food & beverage ingredients, supplied by the world’s leading companies.

    Sparlar is known for its ability to customize formulae by our team with ample knowledge in food ingredients and rigorous quality control technologies while also developing unique and innovated products with time, labor and space saving. Our rich experience in serving well-known chain restaurants empowers us to create a vision for our customers in the food service industry.

    Alchemy – The Best Partner for the Baking Industry

    “Alchemy” was inaugurated in 2009

    “Alchemy” was inaugurated in 2009 with a hope to collaborate wih the industry’s finest pastry chefs and multiple bakery associations to develop and share innovative flavors, functional baking ingredients, and most up-to-date knowledge with our fellow customers in baking industry.

    Our brand name was actually an inspiration from “Alchemy”, the power of turning stone into gold. The name perfectly embodies Gemfont’s business attitude toward tastefulness and quality. We pursue the highest standard in preparing the food and maintaining the consistency of taste in our baking goods with our perfect ingredients! With all the efforts we’ve made, we make our products tasteful and miraculous.


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