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2022 Taiwan International Coffee Show︱Thank you for visiting!

Friday, 25 November 2022

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Thank you so much for attending 2022 Taiwan International Coffee Show! It was a big success, and your participation meant a lot to us. We are honor to introduce different beverages inspired by our products such as Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink, Ammerländer milk, Sparlar flavored syrup, and Sparlar sauce.


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20221119 02
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Coffee, tea or Sparlar?

This year, Sparlar made an innovative breakthrough. We invited Shin Chiu, Chili Lai as our guest bartender to design recipes for three different business direction, hoping to provide more accurate service for our customers. They prepared quality beverages made with a variety of Sparlar syrup, sauce, and juice, and served all products with friendly, individualized attention towards each guest.

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20221119 13


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20221119 15
20221119 14


Sparlar, your best choice.

Ammerländer milk, Sparlar flavored syrup and sauce, and Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink are Sparlar’s bestsellers.

Ammerländer’s simple, pure organic milk comes from cows raised on fresh green pastures. To reduce the damage of flavor, Ammerländer uses minimal processing and is constantly investing in the latest UHT technology, hoping that consumers can ingest a great source of protein.

Adding Sparlar flavored syrup and sauce into drinks can not only enhance the taste, but also make the beverage more attractive in appearance. Our new flavored Sparlar flavored syrup was "Pandan Flavored Syrup", "Cherry Blossoms Flavored Syrup" and "Green Grapes Flavored Syrup". 

Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink is the best choice for people who love soursweet beverage, because it’s very refreshing and rich in flavor. Furthermore, we lunched a new flavor Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink this year. It was grape flavored Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink.

We would like to thank everyone who joined the coffee show this year, and we hope to see you again in 2023 Taiwan international coffee show!


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