Black Coffee Topping with Earl Grey Tea Fluffy Cream


Combining coffee with honey and Sparlar Rum Flavored Syrup, the whole drink is full of vitality and aroma.

Use Fluffy Cream Topping Stabilizer, Earl Grey Tea, and Cointreau to create yummy topping for your drink, making the beverage even richer in taste!


Mix coffee:
Coffee    1000ml
Honey    15ml
Sparlar Rum Flavored Syrup    65ml

Make yummy cream topping:
Fluffy Cream Topping Stabilizer    50g
Earl Grey Tea    500ml
Cointreau    300ml

Coffee with Earl Grey Cheese Flavored Cream topping:
Mix coffee    250g
Yummy cream topping    50g
Ice cube    150g


Mix coffee:
1. Stir all the ingredients in the coffee evenly.

Make yummy cream topping:
1. Put Fluffy Cream Topping Stabilizer into Earl Grey Tea, and use high-speed milk frother to stir for 1 minute.
2. Stir while adding Cointreau into the mixture slowly.

Coffee with Earl Grey Cheese Flavored Cream topping:
1. Add mix coffee, ice cube, and cream topping into the glass! Done! Enjoy it!


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