Twinkle Christmas Night (Green milk tea topped red velvet flavored cream)

Twinkle Christmas Night


Inspired by Twinkle Christmas night. Green milk tea topped red velvet flavored cream. Grass green milk tea represents the Christmas tree, and red velvet cream represents Christmas red. Decorated with chocolate chip crumbs and dried strawberries, just like the lights on a Christmas tree. Green milk tea with a comprehensive berry chocolate flavor, coupled with its colorful appearance, is definitely a favorite drink for girls.


Green Milk Tea

  • Sparlar Green Tea Flavor Powder    20g  
  • Hot water    50ml 
  • Fructose    10ml 
  • Milk  160ml
  • Ice  150g
  • Red velvet cream  50ml

Red Velvet Flavored Cream

  • Sparlar Red Velvet Sauce  35g
  • Sparlar Cream Topping Stabilizer  J 50g
  • Milk  50g
  • Cream  50g


  1. Mix Sparlar Cream Topping Stabilizer J 35g, Milk 50g, Cream 50g and Sparlar Red Velvet Sauce 35g.
  2. Whipped Red Velvet Flavored Cream.
  3. Added Sparlar Green Tea Flavor Powder 20g and fructose 10ml into hot water 50ml. Stirred well.
  4. Added Ice 150g. Stirred it to cool.
  5. Pouring milk 160ml.
  6. Topped Red velvet cream 50ml. Decorated with chocolate chip crumbs and dried strawberries.

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